Gerald Lynn Featherstone

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Gerald Lynn Featherstone
Residing In: Pittsboro, NC
Spouse/Partner: Brenda Jane Lovvorn Featherstone
Occupation: Retired biochemistry, immunology research tech
Children: None to speak of.
Military Service: US Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

I'll never forget the night we graduated, running around the halls turning in our caps and gowns, saying goodbyes. I remember that we didn't say a lot of good lucks. We all assumed that we'd all do fine. We generally asked about where we planned to work, a school we were heading off to, or what we had planned for the summer. I guess we all realized that we'd not see a lot of these people again but didn't want to admit that fact. I felt, and sensed in others that we were all a bit scared, looking forward to a time in the coming months that we'd be a lot more on our own and not cradles by the womb that was Ashley and our childhoood place and times. Each of us were going to have to try new things and meet new people with a lot fewer fo our peers around to support us and act as sounding boards for our emotions, regrets, and half baked opinions. Heck, I wasn't even sure where I was going to college or if I could. Yoyed with the idea of joining the military. I decided that summer to attend Gardner-Webb. There I played football, debated, on golf team. Did ok in grades. Next on to UNC - CH(I'd never get in today. This student body is something else!). Partied too much, got in grade trouble, had to attend summer school to catch up. Left me too broke to come back in fall. Worked as a yarn boy over at the Arlington on third shift but before could get back to UNC, got drafted(Want to thank all my friends and neighbors for that all expense paid , two year excursion!). Spent 13 months in Vietnam as hospital Lab tech or medic. While in Atlanta training for Tech/Medic , met future wife. She was in RN nursing school at Grady Memorial Hospital. We kept up by letter and she got here RN. Out and back state-side, worked year in Atlanta in a clinical lab adn at Hughes Spaulding Pavilion to raise funds for UNC. January of '68, Brenda took a big step down to marry me. We came back to school ,bought a trailer, and we were on our way. I got an AB in Chem then did 3 years getting Masters in Biochemistry. Brenda, about ten years later, got her BS in nursing. In her career she's worked in Alcohol and Drug Rehab, Labor and Delivery, Cardiac Care, Urology, and Infectious Disease. Currently she is in Infection Control at UNC Hospital, responsible for Infection control for about a quarter of the hospital. I call her the needle stick and hand washer cop. Me? Went to work at UNC Dental Research Center in '74. Stayed 35 years doing research in Immunology and Biochemistry. Even got published! Fancy that! Ran several operations while there such as a core analysis facility funded by several departments.

In '70 helped found UNC Club Football Team. Played on said team for three seasons. Have coached the UNC Club team 37 of its 41 seasons. Also worked in late '70's to form the UNC Sports Club Council that now comprises 53 mens and womens sports clubs with 2,700 members here at UNC. First Faculty Advisor. Proud of that as we faced a lot of opposition. Helped form the North Carolina Club Football Association that became the present Southern Collegiate Club Football Association in 1979. Officer in SCCFA for 40 seasons. Guess once a jock, always a jock. Or do I just like getting beat on????

Proud to be co-founder of the conservation organization Haw River Assembly(look us up on the web!) that is focused on restoring the lands and waters of the Haw River Valley to as clean a state as is possible. We are a 501(c)(3) grass-roots environmental organization. One of our big things besides advocacy is working with about 1,500 4th graders every year to give them a day on the banks of the river learning nature, local culture adn conservation. In 1992 joined the Board of the Cape Fear River Association. It became the Cape Fear River Assembly in 1999. It is a 501(c)(3) stake holders group. It's mission is to protect the waters and lands of the Cape Fear River as well as bring opinion setters, scientists, public officials and professional staffs from governmental agencies together to solve common issues in water quality and management in the basin. The Cape Fear and the Haw are two separate groups. Guess the many good times spent on the South Fork and Catawaba made me want to protect the waters I'm around.

In the civic arena, have been active in Democratic Party. Ran for pubic office twice and worked on committees and in lot of campaigns. Have served on several state, county, and local governmental committees as well private/public Boards such as United Way, etc. They have all been wonderfully fulfilling. Work that benefits others has always made me happy. Feel like I ain't such a drag on society after all when I do these things.

For just pure fun of it, have been avid whitewater boater, along with wife, since 1976. Hike and camp every chance we get. When Brenda retires in January'12 we plan to buy a trailer, toss the cats in back(if they don't tear us up first!) and hit the road a good portion of the year. Our land's a beauty and we've seen pieces, usually a week or two at a time. Now we want to have more time to explore in detail. But we gonna keep our place in NC 'cause NC the prettest of all, mountains to the sea. Guess I never got over loving every minute I spent on Linberger Creek, up on Crowders or King's Mountain(day or night). Those places in Gaston Co. made me realize that the natural world supports us so we gotta take care of it or it could turn on us and destroy any future us or our off spring might have. My belief is that Mrs. Gensey Underwood, and those other teachers, did have an effect on each and everyone of us sixty-one'ers. I always had this feeling about our class, that we understood clearly that with citizenship in this great America comes responsibility.... for its lands, for its people, and all our futures. We might have been rough on one another back then, but I always had a good feeling about us. At the 40th reunion, i was amazed that so many returned. Further stunned to see how well they'd done and as I listened, became amazed that they had really contributed so much to their communities and this world in their lives. Went home not in the least surprised at the accomplishments of my classmates and friends. Makes me proud to be in the class.

School Story:

Will fill tis in later. Had a lot of great times at the school adn they wre in no small part due to the classmates.

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Lynn, don't think we really knew each other in HS. Was wondering about your wife. I worked with a lady from Carrollton, GA, Minnie Ann Lovvorn. Wondering if your wife could be related. Her husband passed away and she re-married so I have lost touch and would love to re-connect. If your wife has any idea, please let me know.

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